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This treatment is used to improve the skin’s appearance by removing dead cells and SCALY skin. This treatment is applied on a stretch and afterwards, you can take a shower to remove the product residues and let your skin clean.

25 €


A bath of bubbling warm water in which you can relax, alone or with somebody else. Among others, the relief of many types of aches and pains is one of the benefits that a jacuzzi can bring. For the relief of muscular pain the jacuzzi has the same effect than a hot compress applied directly to the muscle. Hot water reduces muscular tension, which combined with certain exercise routines, brings substantial benefits.

In the case of arthritis, freeing the body from its weight relieves pain and tension on the joints. It also alleviates the inflammation caused by the body’s reaction to muscle injuries.

Romantic Package

Available for couples. The room has a bathroom, shower, towels, All materials are disposable. It also has a tatami to get a massage on, music, essential oils, candles, ornamental petals, bottle of champagne or wine.

60 min

80 €

Facial Cleansing

It is an aesthetic treatment that helps to eliminate impurities and dead cells. 

Helps remove blackheads and regulate acne. Stimulates the absorption of cosmetic Products. The skin looks softer and smoother, slows aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

60 min

50 €


The Bioplasm NLS is equipment that uses a technologically advanced method that allows, Thanks to the application of NLS bioresonance, to achieve an evaluation of each of the patient’s organs.

Of the patient’s organs, always using bioresonance evaluation. It allows us to analyse more than 400 points of the patient’s body and give us a result by comparative approximation. Parasites, bacteria, morphophonological, microorganisms, aura…

60 min

100 €


Healing therapy to transfer energy, release emotional blocks and align and balance the chakras. Applied on the stretch with relaxing music.

45 min

40 €

Egyptian Reiki

Egyptian Reiki is the healing energy that was used in the temples of ancient Egypt. This technique is ideal for protection, cutting through dense energies and removing stubborn energy blockages while balancing the body, helping and to balance the body at the same time.

It helps to have more mental clarity to take decisions, peace and emotional stability, improves self-esteem, and relaxes self-esteem, physical and mental relaxation.

45 min

50 €

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