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Aquagym Personalized for 1 person

Exercises are done in the water. Physical and mental benefits. Improving physical condition, strengthening muscles muscles, slimming your figure, improving coordination and coordination, help to improve injuries.

45 min

25 €

Bono 5 sesiones

100 €


Cupping creates a vacuum effect that sucks the skin in, increasing the vacuum effect that suctions the skin, increasing the diameter of the vessels in the region. It serves to improve blood circulation, releasing toxins from the blood and muscle.

7 pointed Hammer

Used as a toning, stimulating and stimulating method of toning, stimulating and restorative method of acupuncture of superficial tissue at muscle, tendon, ligament and tendons, ligaments and sometimes bone.

Percussive Hammer

The pistols perform a percussion and vibration therapy on the body the skin. This type of massage provides rapid bursts of pressure on the body’s muscular muscle tissue of the body.

Martillo Neurológico

This is a very new method in our country that helps to restore our country that helps to re-establish the vertebral balance by means of a painless impact that replaces force with speed force for speed, maximising efficiency and eliminating the risks of manipulative techniques.

Kinesiotaping Bandage

Consists of coloured cotton tapes with an acrylic adhesive used with cotton tapes with an acrylic adhesive that are used for the purpose of to treat injuries and physical disorders, providing muscle and joint muscle and joint stability.


This millenary Chinese technique is used to activate cell regeneration, softens and smoothes the expression lines of the face expression lines on the face and if you use it on the body, it helps to reduce muscle tension and eliminate adhesions.


It is a pure form of a plant called mugwort, which transmits heat, seeks to generate a flow of energy to provoke balance and corporal equilibrium in a person.


This is a technique derived from acupuncture. Acupuncture, which consists of the stimulation of the external pavilion of the ear in order to diagnose and treat different localised health different localised health problems in other parts of the body.

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